Be a Trump Republican!


The purpose of TrumpRepublican.News is to have volunteers, in an organized and targeted manner, assist President Trump. TrumpRepublican.News will further the agenda we elected him to do.

We all realize President Trump is meeting resistance at every step he takes. It is us, we the people, that must help him by volunteering to make phone calls, attend events, email, media campaigns, online actions and more. Remember you are a volunteer, so you are free to join and do those actions, like phone calls, as you can commit to doing.

Sometimes life requires a person to take care of personal problems. In the Revolutionary War General Washington gave his volunteers time to go bring in the harvests of crops and other personal matters. Certainly, volunteers will have personal items to do. Understandable.

Between now and Election Day in November 2018 there will be a great need for volunteers. If you can help, please sign up.

There will be training lessons and training drills so you can learn our trusted and proven methods.

There is a unique window during the Trump administration to bolster and strengthen the Republic—and not just for those of us who are adults, but also for our children and grandchildren.

The American Republic is precious, our freedoms are precious, and what better way to preserve them—for both ourselves and our posterity—than participating in TrumpRepublican.News

Sign up now.

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